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Serving Columbus, IN & Surrounding Counties

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Bartholomew County

A real estate attorney generally works with real estate matters, according to the common law, governance of local ordinances, and state and federal statutes.  Real Estate law pertains to the acquisition, sale, exchange, development, usage, management, construction, destruction of improvements, and financing of real estate. This area of the law can be complex. A real estate lawyer may advise homeowners and other potential property owners as they make financial and legal decisions. At Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall, we are well versed in real estate law and title insurance law for both residential and commercial real properties.

We Handle Contract Drafting, Title Examination & Transaction Closings

There are many steps in the transfer of real estate that may require the work of a legal professional.  We can assist you with the following services:  
Real Estate Contract Drafting:  The terms of real estate transactions should be set down in written contracts.  In fact, real estate deals are not enforceable unless they are in writing.  Our real estate attorneys will work with you to ensure that the contract is in your best interests and the provisions that you desire are included in the written contract.  Real estate contracts include offers to purchase, land contracts (purchase on contract), mortgages, deeds, leases, real estate exchanges (really complicated), and promissory notes.  
Real Estate Contract Disputes:  When the terms of a real estate contract are broken, the party in default could face significant financial consequences or even the loss of the real estate itself.  Our attorneys can help you through real estate contract disputes up to and including handling litigation thereon.  
Title Search and Title Examination:  You normally will need a title search on the sale and transfer of real estate to another person or entity.  Our attorneys will normally order a title examination from a title company to disclose the chain of title of the real estate, the current owner of the real estate, and any clouds on the title itself.  If there are title problems, our attorneys will review the chain of title, make recommendations to cure the title problems, and if necessary, bring litigation to cure the same.   
Real Estate Development:  Our attorneys can assist with the platting and zoning processes involved in the development and use of Real Estate.  
Transaction Closing:  The final step in completing the sale of real estate is often referred to as the closing.  A closing finalizes the conveyance of title and the change of possession of the real estate.  It also provides for title insurance for the real estate and payment of consideration therefor.  Our attorneys can represent you before and at the closing as needed.  
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Serving Bartholomew County & Surrounding Counties​

​At Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall, we work with clients owning real estate in Bartholomew County, and surrounding counties (Jennings, Jackson, Brown, Johnson, Shelby, and Decatur Counties) who require legal assistance in connection with the ownership, possession, and other interests in and to real estate.  We can provide representation or consultation services.  When you need this type of assistance or the services of a business lawyer call us at 812-376-9752.