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Serving Columbus, IN & Surrounding Counties

Skilled Business Law Attorneys in Bartholomew County

business law attorney generally provides representation for persons who are confronted with business-related legal problems.  These include how to set up a business; sell a business or business assets; liquidate a business; merge a business; drafting contracts and leases, contracts of sale, etc.; breach of contract claims; employment dispute issues; business liens; bankruptcies; unfair business practices allegations; collections; and all sorts of business litigation.  In the event of court cases, the lawyers at Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall in Columbus can provide services including trial advocacy or litigation, investigation, case analysis, pretrial consultations, and representation if a case goes to court.

Contact Us for Business Organizations, Contract and Business Disputes and Litigation 

There are several areas of business law that our firm handles.  We can assist you with the following services:  
Business Enterprises:  This area of law involves issues such as setting up and managing corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and proprietorships; handling tax aspects of business organizations; limitation of liability; franchises; drafting contracts and leases; and anticipating handling tax liabilities.  
Business Law: Sometimes referred to as commercial law or corporate law, this area involves the rights, relations, and conduct of the people and businesses involved in commerce and related areas.  
Business Planning:  Businesses can be vulnerable to legal entanglements if owners are unfamiliar with the law.  A business attorney can help business leaders avoid these struggles.  
Buying and Selling a Business:  The negotiation of a sales agreement and related documents can affect the parties for many years.  Do you sell assets or the business itself?  Do you need a covenant not to compete?  Is the sale self-financed?  Our attorneys will work with you to ensure an agreement which is in your best interest.  
• Litigation:  Disputes involving leaders of industries, small-business owners or government entities can be complex.  It’s important that your attorney understand the law and the legal requirements of the business in which you are engaged.  Our attorneys will try to keep you out of court but are willing and able to go to court, if necessary.  
Business Organizations:  Business organization law includes the legal formation of businesses; for example, this includes formation of corporations, limited liability companies, proprietorships, and partnerships.  
Commercial Law:  Do you understand how the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) affects your business?  Contact our lawyers concerning planning and disputes involving commercial sales, commercial paper (notes and checks), bank deposits and collections, bulk transfers (of inventory), documents of title, investment securities, and secured transactions (liens and security agreements).  

Serving Bartholomew County & Surrounding Counties​

Our attorneys understand that you’ve invested your heart, your finances, and a lot of effort into your business. Consult with a lawyer from Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall to discuss the basics of your case. We also work with clients in surrounding counties.  Do you need the services of a real estate lawyer ? See our section on real estate law.  Reach us at 812-376-9752.
Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall serves clients in Columbus and throughout Bartholomew, Jackson, Jennings, Decatur, Johnson and Brown Counties, in Indiana.